About Us

It's more than cleaning; it's caring.

That’s why we’re here, committed to transforming your space with care and comfort.
Photo & Film by Jiayi Liang
Instagram: @jyl_llgl

About us

Hello! I’m Susy. My journey in the cleaning industry over the past decade has taught me a lot. It all started with an important realization: how cleaners are treated really matters. This idea led me to start Kozy Klean with two friends, Cisco and Del.

Together, we wanted to create a cleaning company that cares about its people as much as it does about cleaning.

Our story is all about fairness and kindness, much like the way Costco operates. We aim for fair profits, better wages for our team, and affordable prices for our customers. This approach has helped us build a team that's skilled, happy, and committed to their work.

We've cleaned many places – from large construction sites to large apartment buildings, individual homes, Airbnbs, and offices. In every place, we aim to do more than just clean; we want to make it feel welcoming and comfortable.

Kozy Klean is more than just a company; it's about building lasting relationships. We believe the secret to this lies in how we treat our team and understand our clients. By making sure our employees feel and are valued, they are more connected and dedicated to our clients and business partners.

Choosing Kozy Klean as your cleaning partner means joining a story of care, fairness, inclusivity, quality, and lasting bonds. We’re not just about cleaning spaces; we’re about creating a community of trust and satisfaction.

Ready to work together?

Quality and consistency anchor our services. Every action, from sweeping to wiping, is executed with precision and care. If there's any dissatisfaction, we stand by our commitment to redo the service at no extra charge. It's where meticulous cleaning meets tranquility.